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Wet Pour Cleaning

Wet Pour Cleaning from Bingham Ground Services
Wet Pour Cleaning service by Bingham Ground Services

Bingham Ground Services undertake the cleaning and repairing of existing wet pour areas using specialist cleaning products and our own power brushing machine.


The process involves the application of specialist detergent to the area, which is then agitated by hand scrubbing. This is then followed by going over the wet pour surface with our custom built power pressure washing machine. Finally the area is rinsed and ready to use once again. 


This process is a much cheaper option than the replacement of an existing surface, or overlaying of the area with play surfacing. Both of which we can do but this gives you another cheaper option to suite your budget, while still giving your surface a new lease of life.


What are the benefits of Wet Pour Cleaning?


 There are several benefits of the wet pour cleaning, which include;


Neutralise the surface from any nasty Bacteria!

Sadly bacteria is notorious on wet pour areas, due to food being dropped. This subsequently provides a perfect breeding ground, not ideal in school environments.


Removes dirt and debris from the rubber pores!

making the area more porous and less slippery, which is a common problem on this type of surface, especially in the winter months.



Makes the drainage for the area so much more efficient! 

Water can now flow through the surface, rather than sitting on top, again in winter there is less water to freeze on top.



Brings a new lease of life to your currently dreary looking area!

No one really wants a grubby looking surface anywhere, let alone in a school environment. Our cleaning services make this a thing of the past.


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All works are carried out by fully trained professionals who are DBS checked. Risk Assessments and Method Statements provided.