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Tennis Court Surfacing

Tennis Courts from Bingham Ground Services
Tennis Courts from Bingham Ground Services

Bingham Ground Services are specialists in Tennis Court Resurfacing and Tennis Court Maintenance as well as new build Tennis Court Installation. 


We can provide guidance and costs on your projects to provide you with the best tennis court surface option for you. Our tennis court surfaces can be provided in a Needle Punch type or Tufted, sand filled type, both of which have their advantages.


The Needle punch type comes in a variety of colours and provides a consistent, durable and lower maintenance option. This is due to the way the fibres are made, locking the sand in place better than a tufted. 


The tufted sports court surface is still a very popular option among schools and clubs but this will require a more detailed tennis court maintenance package following install.



Performance standards


To get the correct performance suitable for the sport we would recommend that if a new build then we would finish the base with Tarmac, then surface with the chosen sport court surface material.  


The lines for the Tennis Court surface would be cut in and be permanent negating the need to re-mark. 


Whichever surface we install, they would be sand filled as this protects the pile of the surface and ensures longevity.



Other options?


We can source the paint should you need the court painting rather than surfacing and this would come with a grit in it to reduce slips.


We are able to clean existing Tarmac or the rarer Polymeric Tennis Courts by spraying detergent onto the sport court and scrubbing with a specialist power brush and then jet off, this benefits by removing loose stone, moss and algae and makes the grip better which is essential for playing a good game of Tennis.

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Please get in touch for guidance and ultimately let us give you a tennis court installation cost or tennis court maintenance cost.


All our in house staff are fully DBS checked for your peace of mind.