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Outdoor Playground Flooring

Bingham Ground Services install various types of playground safety flooring to suit the conditions and budget and these fall into the following catergories of outdoor play area surfaces, we can advise on the cheapest playground surface and the most suitable soft surface to suit your needs.  Our playground surfacing options are as follows - 

Needle punch playground turf is the most popular type of outdoor play flooring which we install and have been doing for many years mainly due to its durable properties and the fact that it can overlay existing playgrounds and add colour and vibrancy to a play area, this type of playground turf can be laid on flat or undulating surfaces, giving flexibility to install the surface onto difficult areas. Unusual features can be incorporated into the design such as slopes or mounds. The play surfacing can be easily laid around existing playground equipment.  When installing around play equipment with a fall height we can add shock pads to give it the required Critical Fall Height, we believe this is the best playground surface that we can offer.

Wet pour rubber is a popular type of outdoor play surface and again can be installed in a variety of colours to add interest and vibrancy to your outdoor play surface.  We would advise this to go onto a pre prepared base to stabilise the play area and add drainage.  This again meets with fall height regulations and gives a great cushioned playground surface option.  Rubber playground tiles also can fall into this catergory although less popular nowadays it is a playground flooring option that we can offer.

Rubber Mulch has become a more popular option now as an alternative outdoor playground flooring option, again we can undertake this type of install and all associated base works and again this will give you a cushioned playground surface due to its fall height.

We can install Grass mats which is a good budget option for outdoor playground flooring around play equipment, this is installed into soil and seed and will prevent erosion although wont have the longevity of the types of playground safety surfacing mentioned above.

Bingham Ground Services have the equipment to professionally clean the rubber playground tiles and wet pour surfacing so if you require an idea of maintenance of existing areas then please get in touch.

We would love to speak with you about your playground surfacing ideas and help you get the best playground surface for your needs.

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