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Southwell CC Double lane Cricket Practice Area

This brand new Cricket practice facility for Southwell CC was installed during the start of this season, we used boards and small machinery to minimise disruption to the playing area.

The system we installed is all to Notts Sport design and specification and consists of 2 no. 11 metre Envelope System batting ends, 2 no. 8 metre Notts Sport bowling ends all surfaced with Notts Grass tufted cricket turf.  The Cricket cage and Cricket netting is tailored to the clubs situation and the low maintenance surround material makes the area easier for the club to maintain.

The cricket pitch carpet comes with a 10 year warranty on it and the Envelope System is installed with a view to mirroring the natural conditions as in when it is wet such as early season it will be slower and lower and as it dries out it will become a quicker pitch with more bounce much like we get through the cricket season.

With this project we at Bingham Ground Services were able to show our ability to cope with a larger than standard project as we moved in the region of 250 tonnes of soil along with installing a root break and mole trench along with a trench for ducting.

All installed on time and within budget

Link shows fly through of the system using the drone



Cricket Turf