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Tennis Court Restoration

Tennis Court surface

Did you know that tennis court restoration is another of our many services we offer?


This was a private project we completed, which involved the existing surface being fully cleaned and repaired, where needed, in readiness for the new tennis surface to be laid.


Our client wished to turn her existing Tarmac tennis court into a hard wearing, durable and more esthetically pleasing surface to play both tennis and Hockey.


The turf is fitted directly onto the freshly cleaned Tarmac base, to provide a cushioned surface for the tennis court. Shock pads can be added should the need arise and 3G surfacing can be used, as well as the Needle punch playground turf.


All our pitch lines are cut into the turf, to create a much longer lasting line and stop the need for re-marking. They are also sand filled, making the surface last a lot longer.


Rejuvenating existing tennis courts is a great way to create a new outdoor play surface, without all the associated hassle of the ground works!


Tennis courts, along with other sports pitch repairs, are a great, cost effective way of creating wonderful, clean and new ball courts for use. This method cuts down on the costs and install time, while removing the need for large plant on your site.


This can also be done during the winter months, when the weather isn't great and the court isn't in use as much, because it wont make a mess of your field.


All our fitted surfaces can be created with whichever sports markings you require and in a variety of colours for the top surface.


**We offer a 5 year warranty on all our court surfaces!**

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