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School Services

School works by Bingham Ground Services

Bingham Ground Services can provide you with a wide range of products and packages to suit the schools individual needs.


The services we offer include, but are not exclusive to;


Sports Pitches/ MUGA's


Bingham Ground Services can supply and install a range of Sports Pitches. These include;


Cricket Pitches

Football Pitches

Tennis Courts

Netball Courts

Athletics Facilities



Visit our MUGA, Tennis or Cricket pages, or contact us for more information!



Resurfacing Works


Bingham Ground Services resurfacing work options are suitable for all ages and are installed to meet critical fall height requirements, if needed, up to 3m depending on what type of playground equipment you have. 


The playground surfaces we can install range from Needle punch surfaces, to Rubber Mulch and wet pour rubber play surfacing dependent on individual clients needs.


Visit our Playground Surfacing page, or contact us for more information!



Playground/line markings


Bingham Ground Services are trained installers of Playground Line Markings, whether you are looking for a new playground hopscotch or ladder or a new playground sports court marking out we can assist you with your request.


Playground markings are an inexpensive way of making your playground a brighter and fun area for children to play and learn.  We will happily work with you to create a bespoke playground with all our games, education materials and sports court markings.


Visit our Playground Markings page, or contact us for more information!



Wet Pour / Play surface Maintenance


We offer a cleaning/maintenance service which involves the application of detergent to neutralise the area from bacteria and then have a specialist cleaning power brush to give the area a deep clean and unblock the pores and make the area less slippery. 


We provide a brushing and weed spraying service fr play areas should you wish, and also furnish clients with the information they require to maintain their surfaces in house. It's basically good housekeeping, but some high traffic areas can require re-sanding.​


This is ideal to have done in the Autumn prior to winter when the area can become very slippery when frozen, this clean will help the surface as well as making it more aesthetically pleasing. 


Visit our Wet Pour Cleaning page, or contact us for more information! 



Artificial grass


Whether you're after a high footfall area surfacing to make it user friendly all year round, or want an entire play area replacing with artificial grass, we can help! 


Visit our Artificial Lawns page, or contact us for more information!



We can work with you and your school to provide you with the ideal surface to meet with your requirements.


All our staff hold a DBS certificate for your piece of mind.