Binghams Blog #8

9th January


Quality vs. Quantity



Is it worth compromising the quality of your play/ sports surface just for a larger area?


As the age old saying goes, we believe that ‘’Less is more’’, especially when it comes down to sports/ play surfacing.


Say you go for the cheapest surfacing available on the market and you opt for an unsubstantial sub-base in order to save on cost, which enables you to have two areas installed rather than just one? 


Fantastic, what a great deal! You’ve got double the space for your money right?


However, just a few years down the line, or even sometimes months, your surface starts to degrade, mud starts squelching through and inevitably it gets too dangerous to use. 


You now have to either get it repaired or replaced, costing you more and more money. 


So, the question is, would it not have just been better to have gone for the slightly dearer, more durable and quality surface option and a deeper, quality sub-base?


Yes, you may have only been able to afford the one area, but it would be guaranteed to last so much longer!


Not only saving your organisation money, but also time in the long run too! 



What we think...


We definitely believe that the latter option would be best for everyone. We see no point in compromising quality for quantity. 


Quality should always come first when it comes to Play / sports surfacing.


One way to get more for your money, without compromising on quality, would be rather than going for separate courts, have a Multi-Use-Games-Area installed instead. 


These surfaces can be installed with various court markings into one area creating a high quality, multi sports / games area, without the cost of multiple Areas being installed. This will also save on your space for other activities too! 





Making the right choice counts


Take for example, a job where the client wants a larger area than needed, so goes for a thin and cheap base layer and a low quality, cheap surface to enable this larger surface area to go ahead. 


What a bargain right?


Now fast forward a couple of years, those decisions are now irrelevant, and the client has a big problem with their surface due to their priority decision at the time of purchasing. 


Now they need to have the area repaired/ replaced costing them so much more! 


In hindsight the client would have been better prioritising the base layer and surface quality over the extra size, but what drives these decisions? 



The driving factor


It always interests us how our clients make decisions on what their priorities are for surfacing options. Sadly, more and more we are seeing the "Quality over Quantity" rule being thrown out the window.


Over the years we have been asked to visit several sites for repairs and replacement surfaces, where the client’s priority was clearly not quality when they had the surfaces initially installed.


Getting the cheapest price and getting more for your money is obviously going to be on everyone’s minds, but you have to think, is it really worth the risk?


In everything we do in life, something always has to be given up or be sacrificed in order for something else to happen. It’s making the right decision of what to sacrifice that makes all the difference in the long run.



Quality vs. Quantity


Since the rise of the Industrial Revolution in the 1800s, consumerism and the idea of quantity over quality has increased dramatically.


The creation of ‘the more the better’ way of thinking fed into the minds of the consensus and so was born the idea of 'quantity over quality'.


But this closed mindset is slowly changing with people’s views of longevity and satisfaction, and what is defined as ‘the best’ has significantly hit a turning point.


The idea of minimalism and ‘less is more’ is becoming a more common way of thinking with the value and worth of something being more important than having large quantities of them.


We really think it’s crucial to examine the situation when considering quality vs. quantity and weigh up all the potential risk factors before going ahead with any job! 


As with everything, moderation is key, and this goes for the concept of quality versus quantity.


The present generation are working towards a more cultivated mindset of measuring worth, where quality is seen as the best option for balance and overall happiness.


But it’s important to think about the circumstances in which someone find’s themselves and making the decision that best reflects that situation. 


Ideally, we ought to strike a balance of quantity and quality.



We strive only for the best!


Here at Bingham Ground Services we want the best for all our customers. That’s why we only provide quality surface options, which are built to last! 


We also want our customers to be able to afford what they want, so we will help with designing the best solutions to your quandaries and give you the best, long lasting sports/ play area you could ask for! 


For more information on prices and what options would best suite your needs, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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