Binghams Blog #6

20th November


Grass Mats - Pro's and Con's of a cheaper surface alternative!



Grass matting is a consistently popular option for surfacing outdoor areas and playgrounds.


As with any new surface, Grass mats can be a big investment, but they can be a great budget option for surfacing your outdoor playground flooring / around your play equipment.


However, are they worth the money you save?


It’s wise to consider the pros and cons before making a decision on choosing your outdoor surface, which is why we have put together this blog post to outline some of the biggest pro’s and con’s of the ever popular surfacing option.


Listed below are some of the pro’s and con’s we feel you should know when considering using Grass mats;




+ Low maintenance.

+ Extremely strong and durable.

+ Super cheap to install in comparison to a lot of other play surfaces.

+ Excellent safety benefits, including great fall-height coverage and slip resistance.

+ Prevents wear and tear damage to grass in high use play and recreational areas.

+ Environmentally friendly, as the matts allow the re-growth of natural grass through the structure.

+ Quick & easy to fit and can be used instantly after install. No need to wait for materials to set/ dry.




+ If not fitted correctly lifting can occur, resulting in a tripping hazard! Always use a reliable installer!

+ Weeds can and will still grow up through them, unless regular weed treatment is applied.

+ Difficult to obtain a crisp edge if curved edges required. Another reason to use a reliable installer!




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