Binghams Blog #11

24th June - The year COVID-19 hit us hard

24th June



How has COVID-19 affected Bingham Ground Services?



Well, as we know 2020 has faced us with totally new and unprecedented times due to the COVID-19 pandemic and it has of course had disastrous consequences to many families and Businesses alike. 


I have continued to worked through the lockdown with being self-employed, so thought I would add my thoughts on how it has hit us and how we have dealt with the situation. 


Firstly, without the government help through the Furlough scheme, Self Employment Grant and the Bounce Back loan we would not be in a position to continue trading! I am sure the majority of businesses out there have also found these to be a massive help. 


They have managed to take some of the stresses out of the situation by helping with our financial situation and allowing us to be able to stay safe and stay in business.



We value our staff!



This is why we took a fairly early decision to stop work to keep everyone safe, we have paid the furlough money throughout the time and then claimed the money back when the time came to do so.


We gradually started to come back to work in May with all the required Risk Assessments in place.  We spoke in depth with our clients to ensure that they were happy for us to work on their sites.


 As most of our work is undertaken outside, in large open areas it is classed as low risk, but it was still a tough decision to come back to work compared to the easy decision to stop.


It has been a quiet period for me at work. Obviously most of our clients aren’t working therefore not requiring the service levels we are used to providing. However, it has given me a time to think of a way forward following on and this has been valuable in deciding what is important for us and how we achieve this.



We will come out of this pandemic stronger in the sense of drive and determination!



This time has also been a time to think about adapting our business, for example having staff members able to work from home and doing works for which the need has arisen due to COVID-19.


As we get back to being somewhere near the full swing of things, I can feel a determination both within our business and within our industry to make things happen and we will try our utmost to get over this period and thrive in the future.


I wish you all the best and stay safe!