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19th March



Replacing Wetpour Surfaces - Needlepunch IS the Answer!  


Wet pour rubber looks great when it's first installed and indeed we are pleased to be able to install this as and when required.


However, we find that over time the areas become slippery, especially if in a location under trees or generally shady and In the winter (when wet and frosty) they can become like an ice rink, so how can we avoid this scenario?  


Needlepunch is very popular for overlaying these wetpour areas, straight away creating a brand new, SAFE facility.


We are finding that more and more people are investing in Needlepunch surfaces, which are sand filled, reducing the risk of slipping. 


Needlepunch carpet surfaces are available in a wide variety of colours, allowing the ability to create vibrant, stimulating and highly engaging play areas.



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Some of the benefits of a Needlepunch surface are;


It's proven in reducing slipping, as the sand and surface provides more grip between the shoe & the surface.


 This solution is highly cost effective!


No need to remove the existing wetpour surface, meaning no mess and no extra's being sent to landfill!


All the base works are already done!


We often find we need to make minor repairs to the wet pour before fitting the overlay, however this is so much cheaper than replacing the whole surface and base. 



If this sounds of interest and you would like to discuss further then please get in touch!






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